Do something regularly for 30 days. Evaluate and decide whether it’s something you want to keep doing or drop. Choose something else for the next 30 days. Rinse, repeat.

I first came across the concept of a 30 day challenge whilst in Spain on a 2 week language course. A fellow student was running every day and, as this concept was rather foreign to me at the time, she explained that daily running was something she was trying for 30 days. She chose something new every 30 days and she used these month long challenges to experience new things, push herself and learn more about life.

So far I’ve been working on a system of annual challenges. Mount Kilimanjaro one year, learn to fly a plane another and run the New York Marathon the next. These challenges are great, but they’re huge. I like the idea of adding smaller lower key challenges over the course of 30 days so I’m going to give it a shot.

The first is no alcohol for 30 days. Here goes.

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